Welcome! Check out my adult ballet survey.

I’m seeing a trend.

Adult ballet is a growing niche all over the world, and adult ballet dancers are looking for more opportunities to educate themselves, share their experiences with others and sometimes, to perform.

I started this blog to showcase adult-friendly ballet opportunities that currently exist and to hopefully encourage new ones to form.

But in order for dance programs to best know how to serve the adult ballet communities of the world, it’s important to first know more about who, exactly, is being served, and what they need and want when it comes to ballet.

Taking a Step to Expand Knowledge About Adult Ballet: An Initial Survey

Pointe shoes suitcase

From what I’ve learned on Instagram and through my personal experiences, adult ballet dancers vary widely in terms of factors such as:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Amount and type(s) of training
  • Technical abilities
  • Goals
  • Locally available opportunities

And so, as my first post on this blog, I’ve decided to offer an anonymous survey that will begin to illuminate some of the most prominent demographics and characteristics of adult ballet communities.

I can assure you that this post has been a long time coming, so I’m very excited to share it with you!

As you can imagine, this initial set of questions is not meant to provide sweeping, definitive or exhaustive results; it’s meant to offer a starting point that can be used to gain insight.

Submit Your Survey

If you’re an adult with any level of ballet training, I hope you take the Adult Ballet Survey – Summer 2019 as a way to help create a foundation of knowledge that can inform program creation and more.

With only nine questions, the survey won’t consume much of your time. Your responses will, however, contribute greatly to our understanding of how to make the most of adult ballet dancers’ potential.

I hope to share the results about a month or so after the official launch of this blog.

Next Steps for Finding Ballet

I plan to conduct more surveys in the future, along with publishing content about ballet opportunities available to adults.

The next survey will most likely focus on adult pointe. Stay tuned.

Also, please contact me if you’re interested in collaborating on a class, workshop/intensive or performing opportunity review, or if you’d like to sponsor one.

Take the Adult Ballet Survey – Summer 2019.

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